Department of Education


Department of Education


Head of Department:

Necheporenko Lydia S., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Tel: (0572) 707-51-78Fax: 7075128 


Necheporenko LS d.pedah.n. Professor

Podolyak Y.kand.tehn.n. Sci.

Gapon VI kand.tehn.n., Associate Professor

Dontsov A.kand.ped.n. Prof. ..

N. Tkachev doctor of sciences, associate professor

Kovaleva IAk.ped.n. Professor

AA Zhukovkand.ped.n., Associate Professor

Manojlo ISSenior Lecturer9 Bochenko O.Senior Lecturer

S. Belyaevlecturer

Romanenko AVteacher

Necheporenko M.lecturer

Kravtsov LAteacher

Ravchak M.teacher15 Volkov KSteacher

Zavgorodniy NMLecturer

Chuhreyeva N.lecturer

Shvedova Y.teacher


Department of Education as an independent branch in Kharkov University was founded in 1850, as evidenced by archival material stored in St. Petersburg aphyvi. The report emphasizes that the Department rely responsible task: to deepen the humanitarian focus of university education, to provide the widest opportunities to graduates for employment. Pedagogy as a subject is read from 1900-1906 navchalnoro, with few interruptions, which occur due to lack of appropriate training. Throughout the period the department Talented teachers from Professor M.O.Lavrovskoho, which, incidentally, was i the first head of the department. In different years the department were known psychologist L. Yanchenko, teachers M.C. Baratov i Ermolenko. In I988 he headed the Department Prof. L. Necheporenko, winner of International Prize in Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. Scientists studied the department of historical and educational, psychological, educational, social and kulturolohitchni and social and educational themes.

Areas of research

The most valuable asset of the department in the election of the complex topics of research of cultural orientation. The culture of language and speech, moral and aesthetic culture in the context of harmonious development of personality and its preparation to agree with you and the environment. Scientists at the department investigates the historical, pedagogical, psychological, educational, social, cultural and socio-pedagogical problems of education and training.Ongoing development to improve university wide teacher training faculty (Prof. L. Necheporenko). We study how the formation of moral character of students (Prof. Y. Podolyak) and problems of educational reform in Ukraine (Prof. L. Sidorenko).The theme of culture education provided the foundation for the birth of new lines of research in teaching science, such as: teleology pedagogy (pedagogy of success), ontopedagogics (Pedagogy of the individual), invayronmentalna pedagogy (pedagogy consent of the person with the environment). Developed for the creation of the image of teachers in transition. Scientists of the department are permanent members of the International i Ukrainian scientific conferences, publishes professional publication, "notes the department of pedagogy."The most famous achievementDeveloped the basic theoretical principles of the formation of moral and aesthetic culture in the context of the harmonious development of personality and its preparation to agree with you and the environment. For the research project "Harmonization of individual teaching ways" prof. LS Necheporenko was awarded an international prize. The basic ways of building a culture of language and speech.Significant contribution to the department in the development of modern scientific and pedagogical ideas are textbooks, "Fundamentals of General pedagogics," (authors L.S.Neporenko, K. D. Gurov), "Classical education" (by L. Necheporenko, Y. Podolyak , V.H.Pasynok), "Pedahohtchnyy training" (authors T.H.Veretenkko, I.S.Manoylo), "History of Education in the verse in 2 parts," "Prometheus" (by AA Kobenko) monograph "Improvement of general teacher training at university" (by L. Necheporenko), "Theory and methods of language training teacher at the university" (author V.H.Pasynok), "The formation mechanisms of moral behavior of students" (author AV . Dontsov), "Private Higher Education: Ways of Ukraine in the international dimension" (by L. Sidorenko), "ontopedagogics invayromentalna and pedagogy" (author L.S.Necheporenko), "Creating a positive image of the modern teacher" (by I. O.Kovalova) and others.


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