Department of Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy


Department of Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy


Head of Department:

Kocharyan, Alexander S., Doctor of psychological sciences, professor


Kocharyan ASd.psihol.n. Sci.

Shestopalova LFd.psihol.n. Sci.

Fedoseev VAAssociate Professor., .. district.

Zhidko MEk.psyhol.n. Assoc.

Konshyna GEk.filos.n., off.

EV Frolovak.psyhol.n. Assoc.

Kocharian IAcentury. teacher

Barinova NVkand.psyh.n. Assoc.

Lisenaya AMSenior Lecturer

N. Tereshchenkok.psyhol.n. Assoc.

Darmostuk NVteacher

A. Seleznevateacher

Areas of research

In 2010-2012 the department carried out scientific research work on"Gender identity space: current problems of identity formation"Project Manager: d.psihol.n. Sci. AS Kocharian, head of psychological counseling and psychotherapyTerms of (3 years): from 01/01/20 1 0 till 31.12.2012, theThe aim and purpose of research - and district-based system approach to deepen the theoretical understanding of normative and deviant development of gender identity, a system of psycho-diagnostics and psycho-correction gender field and implement them in practice.As a result of the project is expected to receive the following scientific results:A. system of evaluation methods of diagnosis of gender identity, determine their psychometric characteristics and psychodiagnostic features (senzytyvnosti to certain levels in the structure of gender identity);2. definition of typological models of gender identity, its normative structural and functional variations, and those that are abnormal. This will build gender identity space, and a gender identity in the structure of personal identity;3. identify factors and mechanisms of gender identity that specific to age and gender, and psychological levels of functioning;4. definition of gender identity traits associated with the intimate aspects of life, which can determine the choice of sexual partner, satisfaction with marriage, self-esteem, subjective life satisfaction, and more. In this context, changes in gender identity can be considered as factors that contribute to various disorders of marriage and family relations, namely relations of interpersonal dependence, psychological fear of intimacy, a syndrome of "emotional Cold" in interpersonal relations;5. the role of gender identity in the process of social adaptation, link gender personality traits of individual aspirations, motivational characteristics and intellectual abilities that are reflected in the educational careers of students;6. identify the impact of gender identity in the sphere of motherhood, which is observed in the formation of the subjective attitude of women to abortion, pregnancy, relationship with the unborn child;7. development program statevorolovoho training for students having problems in making gender roles' satisfaction with appearance, communicating with the opposite sex, uncertainty stance. Training will focus on gender identity and structure contribute to the formation of personal identity.


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